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Tim Wareing's innovative book, TODDLER SOCCER, gives everyone a great excuse to get outside and play Tim's easy-to-follow games. These fun, imaginative activities will help any toddler become the best dribbler in town.

PAUL HOWARD, Parent & Author / Illustrator...
This book will introduce your child from an early age to the importance of living a healthy and active life. Easy to understand and fun games to play guarantee that your child will fall in love with the beautiful game. These games have been tried and tested on a wide range of toddlers from as young as two through to primary school age. The programme has been put together by UEFA European A Licence holder, Tim Wareing.

Tim Wareing and his innovative Toddler Soccer programme has received awards and interest from all over the globe. Luke Fisher was introduced to this programme from an early age. He developed the basic skills in a unique and fun way. He progressed under the expert guidance of Tim Wareing. At the age of ten Luke plays for a top local side, is part of the National County Down squad and has been scouted by Liverpool FC. He attends the Liverpool Academy in Belfast on a weekly basis with a number of other top clubs monitoring his progress.

This book will teach your toddler the basic skills of the game. They will start to build their box of tricks. It is proven that early exposure to the ball not only develops children's ability in the game but will also assist their social skills and confidence.

We thought there was no better way to share our concepts and games than through 'The Essential Guide'. So with this in mind, get down to your toddler's level, always have fun, lose your inhibitions, get out there and enjoy this book!
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ToddlerSoccer.Org is an award-winning programme, operating from Northern Ireland, that has attracted interest throughout the world. It introduces children to football and the importance of exercise from the age of two.
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Where did it come from and just how did it all start?

Tim Wareing, UEFA European ‘A’ Licence coach, initially started with a successful coaching programme for children aged five years old and above. At the time that was quite unique, as most organisations and clubs throughout Northern Ireland only accepted children from six or seven years of age. Each week Tim noticed the disappointment on the younger siblings faces when they dropped their older brother or sister off to ‘Mini Soccer’, not being able to understand why they couldn’t stay and play as well. With this in mind, after the birth of his second child, Tim went about organising a programme specific to a toddler’s first steps in soccer.

With no interest or support from local councils, government or the National Football Association, and with little or no content out there to develop the programme, Tim decided to develop his very own programme. Assisted by a talented team of coaches, they put together ideas and adapted sessions from the popular ‘Mini Soccer’ classes. By throwing out the boring coaching manual, his ‘Toddler Soccer’ programme has seen thousands of toddlers getting active throughout Northern Ireland & beyond. It is wonderful to see them having fun while achieving their all important daily exercise recommendation.

The response to the ‘Toddler Soccer’ programme during the past three years has been phenomenal. It has won awards and interest from all over the globe. One of our personal success stories is a child called Luke. He started in one of our coaching programmes and developed through our ‘Mini Soccer’ programme. He receives one-on-one coaching from Tim and now plays for a top local side, the National County Down squad. He attends the Academy on a weekly basis in Belfast, and at just ten years of age, he has been scouted for Liverpool!

We thought there was no better way to share our concepts and games than through ‘The Essential Guide’. Ex-Blue Peter & Dancing on Ice star, Zoe Salmon, has taken time out of her busy schedule to back our programme too! So with this in mind, get down to your toddler’s level, always have fun, lose your inhibitions, get out there and enjoy this book!
'Toddler Soccer - The Essential Guide' has already sold in over 18 different countries including the U.K., Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, USA, Canada, Asia & Australia!

For budding football stars! By A. Boyd "Belfast"

This review is from: Toddler Soccer - The Essential Guide: 1 (Paperback) My son who is nearly 3 attends one of Tim's football master classes every Friday afternoon. It is a session full of energy, games, taught ball skills, great tips and most importantly... fun.

I bought Tim's book so I could encourage my son to keep playing on his own or with friends in our garden. I have not been disappointed. The book is very much reader friendly with the target audience in mind. It is packed with ideas and scenarios which encourage team work, imagination and skills all the while having fun with a football.

I would not hesitate to encourage other folks to buy this book, get out into the garden, enjoy and have fun.