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James Stafford - Coach


Football is becoming an increasingly data-focused game.  Clubs look to gain a competitive edge by using data to improve player performance, prevent injuries, promote player well-being and monitor progress over extended periods of time.  As a result, players and parents must become familiar with recording their eating and sleeping habits as well as thoughts on performance as this becomes commonplace as you rise up to the elite level of the game.  Coaches and club analysts can use this information to understand what impacts your child's well-being and performance on the pitch.  For example, data can tell the coach whether the player's performance on the pitch depends on their attitude pre-match, sleeping habits, attendance levels, or a combination of several of these factors.  For data to work however it must be filled in daily in order to collect this data.  Otherwise, it would be difficult to draw any conclusions over time.  The club will be able to create player profiles with this data, giving you a better understanding of your child's progress at the club.

James Stafford will be overseeing this process of data collection and analysis with TW Braga.  After completing his undergraduate in psychology and undertaking a PhD in decision-making, he has a strong interest in how an athlete makes match-winning decisions at the right time and in the right way.

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